We live in the era of excessive consumerism, when every service, every material or virtual object - including financial instruments - can have value and participate in the global commodity turnover processes.

Early trade routes established

80 000 ВС

Natural exchange replaced by commodity money

9 000 - 6 000 ВС

First banks in Babylon established

3 000 ВС

First coinage started in Lydia

687 ВС

The gold standard established in the USA


Western Union conducts the first electronic transfer of funds (EFT)


The gold standard established in the British Empire 


Paper money appeared in Europe

1275 A.D.

The US Federal Reserve System formed


The first credit card (cardboard Diners Club card) issued


Mobile banking emerges in Europe


Satoshi Nakamoto mines the first Bitcoin in a decentralized network


Decentralized Finance (DeFi) enters a new digital era

2020 - present

EOS offered blockchain-based infrastructure for the decentralized applications


Ethereum Smart Contracts established


Ripple launched


Litecoin launched




















Throughout the history of our economy since the dawn of natural exchange, we have sought to universalize the exchange by setting a standard, which has led to the current fragmentation of the global financial structure, with the distribution of resources artificially restricted and - therefore - opportunities limited.

In the era of digitalization and big data technologies, it is necessary to implement an environment where assets are exchanged freely, in order to enter the next stage of development.


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SYNTA Client

Synta as a vision

Synta is not just a brokerage company. We took the idea of uniting financial markets and combined it with current technologies and future solutions for consistent implementation in such a way that the structure fully reflects our vision of global processes that have taken place up to the present moment and laid the foundation for the future financial world.

Unified Trading Hub (UTH)


The most important problem of the modern financial market is that it lacks the possibility of performing all or at least the main range of financial transactions within a single interface.


We will provide clients with the opportunity to be present and freely exchange instruments of both the Stock and Cryptocurrency markets simultaneously, as well as use traditional tools.



Modern services do not allow creating portfolios combining different types of markets within a single interface, or forming portfolios based on multi-level and multitasking principles, which in turn complicates the ability to conduct flexible diversification and to respond quickly to events and allocate funds in accordance with current circumstances Solution.


Profile allows the user to create portfolios for each market separately, and to use all types of financial instruments within one or several portfolios nested in each other.

Balances is linked to any user portfolio according to a certain type: trading, security or accumulative one.

Plans could assign triggers and notifications on the current situation within the portfolio in accordance with the set commands.


TradePanel is a standard toolset of a trader to perform trading operations.Analysis is a standard toolset for financial market analysis: indicators, media publications, user and system strategies.


A wider choice of functions complicates the interface and makes it more inconvenient for a user to work with.


FramesBoard is an adaptive interface for working with the entire set of SYNTA functionality within a single user-configurable window, with the ability to connect subwindows and their connections by logic and purpose determined by the user himself.


The fiat depositing fee through the Binance merchant is 3%, the average processing fee is 1.5%, which means Binance earns 1.5%.
If we set up our own processing of plastic or virtual cards and charge 0.5% fee for depositing funds through the SYNTA (assuming that incoming/outgoing total volume will be $40M monthly), then commission income will amount $2.4M per year.
Independent implementation of the project costs $1.5M, the purchase of a server is $0.5M.
*SYNTA is allowed to use client's funds to cover liquidity gap from Synthetic Trade transactions, by overnight lending.
Becoming a full-fledged client of SYNTA.

During the implementation of this project, the company can provide the following:

  • issuance of virtual and plastic multi-currency cards for customers

  • the client will be able to keep funds in any cryptocurrency or fiat-currency on his own account and pay anywhere in the world using the ability to convert funds into any currency automatically at the best exchange rate

Thus, we will get another service with a payback period of one year.


For a long time clients hadn't had an analogue of US dollar in cryptocurrency that could help them when exiting market instruments. Nowadays, clients utilize fiat or sub-aggregate fiat currencies like USDT, DAO, USDC or BUSD, but these surrogates are still not fully backed by cash. All these things mentioned encourage us to create our own token - Synta coin - on the basis of smart contract and use it for NFT trading on our platform.

Synta coin allows to:

  • Increase the capitalization of the company

  • Increase commission payouts

  • Use arbitrage trading


Synta Studio offers:

  • Qualified analysis

  • Expertise, assessment and insurance 

  • Special storage for those clients who want to move the asset to storage

The client shall not be charged for additional services (transportation, storage insurance, etc)The client can transfer all his assets to SYNTA and sell them at any point with reasonable broker's commission. Moreover, SYNTA has a filter which allows it to buy items before they go public or get tokenized.

SYNTA Studio as underwriter gives three options to its owner:

  • SYNTA Studio agrees to buy the entire issue at a certain price. If Studio fails to sell the entire issue, it will full financial responsibility for any unsold tokens (firm commitment)

  • SYNTA Studio commits in good faith to sell as much of the issue at the given price as possible, there is no financial or legal responsibility imposed on Studio for any unsold shares or other deal results (best efforts)

  • Unless the entire issue is sold at the offered price, the deal is voided, and SYNTA studio will not receive any compensation (all-or-none)

Synta as a tool


Interface control starts from two types of menus: User panel and Sidebar with the latter adapting to the current User page, created and customized by the user himself, which allows the client to organize a convenient workspace.


This allows the user to see and assess the state of his portfolio for all the assets and categories together as well as for separate typologies.


A set of tools that make it easy for the user to track, monitor and evaluate all their financial activity in SYNTA.


A set of tools that make it easier for the user to choose an action on a trading instrument starting with the decision to buy up to selling the asset.


Client is given the opportunity to transfer all his assets to SYNTA and sold them at any point with reasonable broker's commission. Moreover, SYNTA has a filter which allows it to buy the item before going public or tokenized.

Synta as prospects

Margin Trading
Providing our own liquidity to ensure margin trading to customers will significantly increase trading volume and earnings (stockbroker's income from margin trading can be more than 50% of the profit).
Retail Loans
In addition to trading, SYNTA provides access to Traditional Banking services (including a multi-currency account and exchange-traded FX) and Retail Loans.
A significant profit of the broker comes from fees in this segment. The development plans for SYNTA’s functionality include allowing our customers to work in this area.